Tiger King Pills

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  • Benefits
  1. Tiger King pill is purely herbal with a fast effect
  2. Increase blood rotation
  3. Increase Thickness
  4. Safe to use
  5. No side effects
  6. Make nutritional gonadal
  7. Perfecting significantly desires
  8. Enhancing sexual pleasure, no coitus fatigue
  • Ingredient

Ginseng, velvet antler Monomorium SugarCRM, wolfberry, shark cartilage, cordy Sinensis, and 26 kinds of traditional Chinese medication extracts

  • Usage and dosage

Take one pill 10 – 30 twinkles before sexual dealings.  Consume 1 capsule daily. Not in contraction or chew before swallowing.

  • Pack Size- 300 mg * 10 tablets per bottle



  • Product Description

Tiger King Pills improves erection power. Further, it generates violent sensations and also intense ejaculations. This is prepared to utilize a mixture of herbs. The combination of these herbs helps to extend the size of the erectile tissue. As these capsules contain numerous vigor factors thus, it leads to an increase in spirit, substance, vigor,  sexual stamina, etc.