• Benefits
  1. It helps to attain a hard and long erection
  2. It helps to extend the sexual performance
  3. Also Prolong the sexual pleasure
  4. Strong the erection and treats premature ejaculation
  5. Enhance the sexual health of men by increasing the testosterone level
  6. Enhances the sex libido and arousal
  7. It formulates the blood to the genital area by expanding the blood vessels
  8. Causes more blood to flow towards the penis chambers
  9. Release Nitric oxide which helps in better blood circulation to the penis
  10. Helps to enhance the penis size along with bigger and longer erection
  • How to Use

The capsules can be consumed daily, and it has very excellent effects in only a few minutes. Just take 2 capsules daily. Take the dosage regularly and you will have long-lasting results.


  • Product Description
  • Penatropin Capsule

Penatropin Capsule is a man enhancement food supplement. That effects by rushing blood to the genital organ which provides a throbbing erection to the genital organ. It also has the constituents that are key to increasing the male organ in size and girth rapidly. These capsules boost testosterone levels by formulating the blood flow.