High vacuum Dick pump

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  • Package Detail:

Each pack contains a plastic tube

an airtight seal

two base rings

a handheld vacuum pump

  • Usage Method

Apply lubricant and then place the plastic tube on the genital organ, and utilize a handheld vacuum pump to get the desired length. Carefully remove it to avoid any harmful physical injuries.

  • Benefits
  1. Increase blood reflux to the male organ
  2. Support bigger, fuller, and thicker erections
  3. Visibly increase the size of the male organ
  4. Treat impotence and premature ejaculation
  5. Prolong the duration of intercourse
  6. Intensify climax
  7. Increase pleasure
  8. Cause no physical injuries
  • Precaution:

Please consult a certified physician before utilizing this genital organ enlargement device.


  • Product Description

This penis pump extends your penis length and strengthens your penis. It is very simple to use. You can easily solve your coitus-related problems such as Short penis size and premature education etc by using this pump.